Roberto Floreani
Was born on 1956.
lives and works in Vicenza

In the mid-70s makes a few trips to Europe.
Between '77 and '79 visit to the Centre Pompidou, the great trio of exhibitions
Paris-Berlin, Moscow, New York, which plays an important role in training the next artistic results.
The 1980 is the year of graduate studies at the University of Padua and stay in New York.

First group exhibition at the Museo Casabianca di Malo (VI)

First solo exhibition at Palazzo Festari Valdagno (VI)

Purchase award at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice with the destination of the work at the Museo Ca 'Pesaro. First prize at the Biennale Triveneto for artists under thirty of Padua to purchase award of a work for the Civic Museum.

“Itinerari della memoria” project with Chisel Galley, Genoa, Italy. First presence at international exhibitions in: Basel, Madrid, Cologne, Paris.

Solo exhibitions in Germany (Ulla Sommers Galerie, Duesseldorf) and in Sweden (G Galerie, Helsingborg). Staying in both Countries.

In this period Roberto's research gains its present connotation, of ideal contact point between a strongly European culture and an East-bound body philosophy. On these themes the “Sogno d'Acqua” project for Gariboldi Gallery, Milan and the “Wassertraum” project with Ulla Sommers Galerie, Duesseldorf are achieved. A work is purchased by PAC (Contemporary Art Hall), Milan; its destination: Civiche Collezioni di Palazzo Reale of Milan.

Banca Commerciale Italiana and Credito Valtellinese buy works (3) for their collections.

The “La Casa e il Tempo” project is achieved (in co-operation with Credito Valtellinese Gallery). The Como and Ravenna City Museums and the Zagreb, Croatia Contemporary Art Museum present the project; publishers of the catalog: Electa Edizioni. Presence in two limited selections: at Credito Valtellinese Gallery, Milan (Mazzotta Editore catalog) and at Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea, Trento (“Emergenze”, edited by D. Eccher).

Presence at “Titanica” exhibition (edited by V. Coen) at San Marino State Museum, Republic of San Marino. Invitation to the 18th City of Gallarate, Italy National Award (“Reflection and re-definition of abstract painting”) edited by Demetrio Paparoni.

A scholarship from ING Bank, Amsterdam (the only one to an Italian) with two-year support plan. Journey to Brittany. Staying at Tremiti Islands, together with Master Li Rong Mei to work out the “L'Età della Conoscenza” project. Performance at Mazzocchi Gallery, Parma upon invitation by Master Fausto Taiten Guareschi of Soto Shobozan Fudenji Zen Monastery. The “L'Età della Conoscenza” project (edited by Demetrio Paparoni) is achieved for Niccoli Gallery, Parma. Tai Chi Chuan 1st Chieh Trainer diploma obtained with Masters Flavio Toniolo and Li Ron Mei

First anthological exhibition at Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso (edited by Marco Goldin and Beatrice Buscaroli). Publishers of the catalog: Marsilio Editori. Fondazione Cassamarca, Treviso buy a work; works are also acquired to the Credito Valtellinese, Lugano collections. Co-operation begins with Mary de Rachewiltz for the “Memoria” project.

Repeated staying at Brunnenburg Castle, guest to Mary de Rachewiltz to develop the “Memoria” project. The “Regno di Mezzo” project is achieved at forLes Chances de l'Art Gallery and Suedtiroler Kuenstlerbund, Bozen. Works are acquired to the Bologna GAM (Modern Art Museum). Presence at “Aniconica” and “Ultime Acquisizioni” international exhibitions at GAM, upon invitation by the Museum Director D. Eccher. Some meetings are edited for Regione Lombardia, for the “La Memoria e i giorni” project. A work is purchased by the Bologna University Foundation.

The “Vedute” (Views) project (edited by Marco Meneguzzo) is achieved for Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milan. In May, the “Memoria” exhibition begins at Credito Valtellinese Gallery, Milan with a unpublished contribution by Mary de Rachewiltz. Publishers of the catalog: SKIRA Editore. The city of Vicenza dedicates an anthological exhibition (edited by Luca Massimo Barbero) to Roberto, at Basilica Palladiana. Works are acquired by ING Bank. A permanent “installation” is made for Suite #108 of Gran Hotel Greif, Bozen.

“Artista e Mercato” (The Artist and the Market) lecture at Bologna University – Aula Prodi, on the occasion of “Bologna capitale della cultura europea 2000” 's opening. Presence at the “Campi di Oscillazione” international collective exhibition (edited by Tiziana Conti for Regione Piemonte). Develops the “Yule” project together with poet Giuseppe Conte, for the solo exhibition at the Faenza Artists' Club. The relevant book gets to the finals at the Camaiore National Poetry Award. “Hakagure” performance at Casa di Ros, San Benedetto Po. Appears on the “Generazione Astratta” selection at the 'Fondazione Bandera per l'Arte' exhibition of Busto Arsizio, Italy.

Solo exhibition (edited by Pietro Bellasi) at San Marino Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, Republic of San Marino. Works are acquired to the San Marino State Museum galleries. The “Hakagure” theatrical project is achieved. Performances at: Teatro dei Fabbri, Trieste; Teatro Astra, Vicenza; Teatro Nuovo, Verona. Appears on the “Generazionale” international selection at Basilica Palladiana (edited by Beatrice Buscaroli).

Solo exhibition at Nuova Artesegno Gallery, Udine. To develop the “Ritorno all'Angelo” project, Roberto is the promoter of 1st Poetry Festival at Vicenza Olympic Theater; … G.C., T.K., V.Z., M. de R. … ( ^ ) are invited. He is invited, by Maurizio Sciaccaluga to “Sconfinamenti” exhibition at Spezzano Castle. Solo exhibition at Fondazione di Ca' la Ghironda, modern and contemporary art museum of Martani Collection.

The “Ritorno all'Angelo” project (edited by Maurizio Sciaccaluga) is achieved for a solo exhibition at Museo Revoltella, Trieste (seat of 'Musei del Canal Grande'); Conte, Kemeny, Moussa and Crespi poetics are combined with Roberto's works. Solo exhibitions at Galleria Planetario, Trieste and at Nuova Artesegno Gallery, Udine. Roberto is the promoter and spokesman of a meeting on F.T. Marinetti, together with Marinetti's daughter Vittoria.

“Una parte (di tutte le parti)” project (edited by Beatrice Buscaroli) for Palazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo, Italy. Beginning of the large-size work “Ogni viaggio è un ritorno”, aiming to be a sort of a summary of the last ten years for Rome Quadriennale. Roberto promotes the 'Fratelli Calgaro' association with photographer Giuseppe Calgaro.

“Ogni viaggio è un ritorno” personal project for Nuova Artesegno Gallery, Udine. Invitation to 14th Rome Quadriennale, for Section: “Fuori Tema”. “Selected works 2000-2005” solo exhibition at Folini Gallery, Chiasso, Switzerland; the exhibition includes about twenty large-size works, among the most significant of last five yars. Solo exhibition with “Ottantuno” project at ContemporaneaMente Space, Milan; combined with a text by Davide Brullo. “Targa d'oro del centenario” golden tag of Premio Fabbri 1905 Award. Presence in “La Santa Alleanza” selection at Annovi Gallery, Sassuolo, Italy.

1998-2006 anthological exhibition at Palazzo Pretorio, Cittadella, Italy. Conception of a large-size “installation”, composed of seven works for the opening of Bonelli-LAB Exhibition Space at Canneto sull'Oglio, Italy. Acquisition of works to VAF-Stiftung, Frankfurt a/M collections. Invitation to MART, Rovereto for the “Mitomacchina” exhibition. Beginning of preparation of the “Selected works 1997-2007” series of exhibitions.

Preparation of a large-size “installation” for the “Linee all'Orizzonte” exhibition (edited by Maurizio Sciaccaluga) at Genoa Modern Art Gallery. First solo exhibition in Sicily at LIBRA Contemporary Art Gallery, Catania. Beginning of the “Selected works 1997-2007' anthological exhibition tour: Palazzo Ducale, Mantova then Kunstverein, Aschaffenburg and Stadtmuseum, Gelsenkirchen (edited by Klaus Wolbert); Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana (edited by Director Alexandr Bassin). Roberto is charged by Campanotto Publishing House to supervise the “Baléni” Series, with the centenary of Futurism's birth coming near. Looks himself after the first edition of lyrics by aero-poet Ubaldo Serbo, enlivener of Monselice's Gruppo Savarè; thanks to him, he gets to recover and restore the “Dinamismo di una famiglia” sculpture by Corrado Forlin. Acquisition of works to the Aschaffenburg and Gelsenkirchen Museums.

Solo exhibition with a selection of recent works at Forte Belvedere, Florence for Open Art Gallery of Prato. “Gerarchie spirituali (passaggio in Ticino)” project achieved for Folini Gallery, Chiasso, Switzerland. “Grand Futuristic Evening Performance” at Teatro Astra, Vicenza; project for an assignment of “Il caschetto di alluminio” to Teatro Bixio 2, Vicenza. Conception of “Manifesto” project, for a solo exhibition at Open Art Gallery of Prato (edited by Beatrice Buscaroli), still in the context of celebrations for the centenary of Futurism's birth.

Presence at the 53rd edition of Venice Biennale, with a solo exhibition at Padiglione Italia upon invitation by the Curators Luca Beatrice and Beatrice Buscaroli. The “Aurora Occidentale” project is developed on this occasion, in which a centrality of the art work as bearer of a message of spiritual nature is confirmed. Presence in the “Italian calling” selection at Bonelli-LAB, Canneto sull'Oglio, Italy; in this town, a “Serata futurista in guanti di daino” (“Futuristic Evening Performance in buckskin gloves”) is also presented. “To Move” collective exhibitions at Nuovo Centro Direzionale Interporto, Trento (edited by Buonanno Contemporary Art). “Abstracta”, group exhibition with Libra Gallery, Catania (edited by Alberto Agazzani). “DITALIA” at City Picture-Gallery, Follonica, Italy. Presentation of “Risvegli” solo exhibition (edited by Giovanna Nicoletti) for Buonanno Contemporary Art. “TracciantiVetteTricolori” firework display for the Trento Province, meeting at Madonna di Campiglio, and “Futurista-progettista” report on the 40th anniversary of AIPI at Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza --- all three for the centenary of Futurism's birth. Conception and achievement of “Arte-vita futurista” project (as “Exhibition of the centenary” of the National Commitee), focused on the first exhibition ever dedicated to futuristic sculpture; declamations; “Grand Futuristic Evening Performance in buckskin gloves” at Teatro Stabile Verdi; conferences, debates, quarters of futuristic poetry in city places --- all these, in Padua.

Publication, with Silvana Editoriale of the “Futurismo Antineutrale” essay; with a preview at Bologna Arte- Fiera and presentations in the main cities of Italy. Repetition of the whole “Arte-vita futurista” project for the Vicenza Province, with a “Majak 14.4.30” dedicated Futuristic Evening Performance to the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Majakovskij's death. “La Casa del Mago” solo exhibition, focused on the problems of multi-disciplinary creativeness, for Bonelli Contemporary Art, Mantua. Production of the first pieces of pottery at Albissola, with staying in this locality; the pieces are exhibited at studio Balestrini, at care of Riccardo Zelatore. Conception of “Paesaggi Immaginary” project (edited by Leonardo Conti) with poet Tomaso Kemeny, for Poli Art Gallery of Milan; in this project lyrics become creative source for the art work, along a track that has been followed for over twenty years. Writing of the post-face of a dedicated book to futurist sculptor Quirino de Giorgio. Beginning of co-operation with Russo Gallery of Rome, with two large-size works.

Achievement of “Alchemica” big project (edited by Emma Zanella) for MAGA, Gallarate. Invitation to “Astratta uno” exhibition (edited by Riccardo Zelatore) at Fondazione Zappettini, Chiavari, Italy. Invitation from Giovanna Nicoletti to the Trento Festival of Economy, with a solo-exhibition project for “Linguaggi e Territori” Section. Presence in the “Storyboard” selection at Bonelli-LAB, Canneto sull'Oglio.

Invitation to MAG (Museo Alto Garda), Arco, Italy for exhibiting a selection (edited by Giovanna Nicoletti) of works of the last 10 years. Conception of “Rome” project for the Rome and Milan Russo Galleries. Two “Futuristic Evening Performances in buckskin gloves” at the Arco and Riva del Garda auditoriums of MAG.